misty (nola_misty) wrote in nola_classified,

i need Plastic Surgeon info in new orleans

I don't want any shit from people. I made up my mind a long time ago.
As some of you know before the storm i was planning to have Plastic Surgery. A little bit of laser liposuction. On some spots that the Dr. said i would not go away. Unless i lost way too much weight. As he put it a unhealthy amount of weight. I don't want to do that i want to be healthy. So i was looking for a Plastic Surgeon.
I had some numbers. but after the storm I lost all the numbers. That friend had giving to me to look in to. So if you or some one you know has a good Plastic Surgeon in New Orleans. Please send me there info I'm starting to look for my Dr. thank you :)

Photobucket PS. lol and this pick is not of me
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