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2nd nola ladies study group meeting this saturday

our next meeting will be held March 6,2010 at 1:00 pm at Community Coffee on Veterans blvd by Barnes and noble. If you need a Google map please let us know and we will get you the directions you need.
The topics involved this time will range from basic news of the Linux/Android/open source world, to how to set up a LAMP server for those who would like to learn more. (Linux Apache MySql/PHP) and we will also talk about the Linux distro for our first study will be Ubuntu. On that topic we will go over Gnome and KDE.

One other note our co founder is also avail on here as NOLA witch who has a history of using Linux and is very knowledgeable.

Also we do advise to not bring kids as there is not anything to exciting at a coffee shop for little ones and while we may find Linux friendly little ones may not want to learn about it.

For further information please email
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