Marquis Déjà Dû (marquisdd) wrote in nola_classified,
Marquis Déjà Dû

Two Bedrooms for Rent

My tenant, a really great guy, needs to fill two bedrooms in his house in the Bywater beginning in August.

1st bedroom: the double parlour, approx. 12' x 30', with a huge, old, ornate plaster archway in the middle. This room has sole access to the lovely front balcony as well. This room has been used in several films over the last 30 years for its uniqueness. $650/mo

2nd bedroom: approx. 14' x 14' with a closet. $450/mo

The house: 1880s, about 2000'sq, with a back balcony overlooking the enormous garden: fish pond, hot tub, vegetable patch, little shed, etc.

It's located on Dauphine and Louisa, next to Bywater BBQ, and near Markey's, Country Club, Mimi's, etc. Great neigborhood, as you probably know.

Comment here for contact info. Cheers.
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