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nola_classified's Journal

Classified Free New Orleans
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nola_classified is an offshoot of neworleans, and it's to be used just like The Gambit's classified ads section -- if you're selling your car, you can post here to look for buyers. If you have wee furry animals to give away to a good home, you can post about them here. You can also post about personal services you offer, as long as you are only representing yourself, and not a commercial entity.

The only restriction is that posting an ad as a commercial entity is prohibited. That means that you can't post ads about, for example, your web hosting business, or realty listings (if you're a real estate agent), etc. However, if you own your own property and want to list it, feel free. Same goes for individual landlords that do not work for a realty firm.

If you have any questions about what is or is not acceptable, then by all means email the administrator, rezu.