freddy (ef_ex_ay) wrote in nola_classified,

7 free HP 1730s LCDs with built in speakers (not cracked)

here's one for the electronics tinkerers: I have 7 "broken" HP 1730 series 17 inch LCDs with built in speakers taking up space in my server room. I do not have the time to look at them and don't know what's wrong. I do know that none of these LCDs are cracked or anything. if you want to pick them up, downtown, on weekdays, by 4:30 PM, e-mail me at ef_ex_ay at livejournal d0t c0m.

here's what they look like:

other terms:
given away for free in "as is" condition.
no further support is implied.
1 vga cable & power cord is included
you must provide any packaging or padding you want to transport them from our freight bay on the 1st floor.

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