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Said I'm a mean machine, been drinkin' gasoline, and honey you can make my motor run

Up for sale is my 1998 GSX-R750 SRAD sportbike, $3200 OBO. It's been a great bike- it's a FAST bike- but I want something more suited to riding in city traffic and longer distances with my girlfriend.

That photo was taken before the bike was ridden from Mesa, AZ, to just outside of Chicago, IL. I'll have some more pictures up soon once I find my digital camera.

Here's the basics:
-Fuel injected
-Track prepped (safety wired)
-Rear swingarm spools
-Blue and white
-18K and change on the clock
-Hindle high-mount full exhaust (sounds mean as hell with the throttle open)
-Penske rear shock
-Attack rearsets
-Power Commander
-New headlights
-New rear sprocket
-New cam chain tensioner
-Double bubble windscreen
-Pirelli Diablo tires with good tread left
-Bridged (reinforcement welded) swingarm
-Recent brake fluid, coolant, and oil change
-Runs great- did a trip from Phoenix to Chicago with it earlier this year
-Polished frame
-Maintained with synthetic oil
-New fork seals
-Stock rating is 125bhp- due to age and performance tuning, I do not have a current dyno rating.

Overall, it's got well over $3000 worth of parts, tuning, and labor in it.

Cosmetically, it's not perfect- it's got a few scratches and it's missing a few panels around the dash, and one of the ram air ducts. But it doesn't affect performance, so as long as you don't care about having the shiniest bike in the parking lot, you're good. It hasn't been stunted, wheelied, or abused either, which is rare for any GSX-R. Some people like the look of the newer, thinner GSX-R's- the thing I like about the older, wider style is the aerodynamics- you can be going 90+ and barely feel the wind. It is extremely stable in corners

Slight disclaimer: I would not advise this bike for new riders or for people who do mostly urban commuting- it will get very, very hot in stop-and-go traffic.

I would also consider a trade for a Ducati S4, Triumph Sprint RS, '02-04 Speed Triple, or BMW R1100 or R1150.
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