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attn women interested in technology cross post to french quarter

Greetings, I am curious as to how many women in the S.E. Louisiana area namely NOLA metro would express interest in a Linux/Unix/BSD discussion group. If interested these meetings would be held on Wednesday nights from 6-8:30 at locations such as: PJ's coffee shoppe on Mounes in Harahan and rotate to other locations such as CC's coffee house veterans to places such as Barnes and noble Veterans or possible weekend meetings in NOLA direct for those who can't get out to the Metairie/ Harahan meetings. Other topics of interest would be along the lines of the Android OS and the direction the Open Source movement is taking.

For those who do not know what Linux is, it is an open source operating system alternative to Windows and Macintosh. For more history on the Operating system some reading while not necessary would be Just for fun the Linus Torvalds story and check out some websites such as

If you need more information on these meetings please email me at

currently operating Linux Mint on netbook, and Kubuntu
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